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Suzhou Pet Age Limited was established in 2015,and is a professional factory producing Pet Harness, Collar and Leash, Pet Toys and some Cat & Dog Accessories. It is a well-known pet products manufacturer and exporter in China.

Due to the business development,we have divided our products into two websites, is for Pet Toys,and other Accessories. is for Pet harness, Collar and Leash,Clothing. Our Pet Toys includes Vinyl toys,Dog Rope toys,Dog plush toys and Cat Toys. They are all well deisgned and have been sold to many countries in the world.

As a responsible pet products supplier, we are always dedicated to providing stable quality products,stable after-sale service and stable relationship with our partners. We pursue a long-term win-win business with our partners.


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Tel: 86-512-67421152


Add: Block#2,Zhong Xu Xin Technology park,Suzhou Industrial Park, China

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